Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House at Yorkhill, Glasgow, opened in March 1996 and provides free accommodation for the families of long term and critically ill patients at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

“I knew very little about Ronald McDonald House until I was given the opportunity to stay there during the darkest time of my life. We had been sleeping in chairs for two weeks, life couldn’t have been more bleak and uncomfortable. Suddenly, Ronald McDonald House offered a little chink of light. I cried when I saw the en-suite bathroom. It was homely, clean, and very organised. Most importantly, it was the only ‘home’ we could cope with, across the road from the hospital, a couple of minutes walk from our girl.

Sometimes I would put Abby in her pram and take her there, a lovely place to escape to. Simple things, like having a kitchen to cook dinner in every night made all the difference. One beautiful day in April, we had a picnic in the garden with Abby. It was the most normal thing we’d done in months and it was lovely. Normal was all we wanted.

I cannot stress how important this charity is. I will always be grateful to Ronald McDonald House for everything they did for us. It is a home from home, a place of refuge, a sanctuary.”

(Vicky Mier, Abby’s Mum)

Ronald McDonald House